Charmaine Burrowes | Associate Creative Director

Charmaine’s turned out quite a few toe-tapping jingles and breezy slogans over the years. She’s a solid creative with a sharp eye for detail and a gift for making the most creative client product/service introductions to the public.

Charmaine’s interest in communications started when she worked in the newsroom on the radio desk at JBC (now TVJ). She went on to pursue further studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Her early work includes the memorable Oliver Samuels’ Cheese “Imogene” radio and TV commercials,
the D & G Sof Drinks Kool Kat animated series and the Jamaica National Moneygram Admiral Bailey campaign.

Her current work covers, IGL “Look to the Blue” campaign, the Grace Kennedy “We Think the World of You” and Ocean Spray “Crave the Wave” campaigns.